Preclinical lab: (Anatomy and Physiology Lab)
Students are provided an opportunity of knowing and understanding a multitude of individual structure and function in real situation. Our lab has been designed in such a way that the students can acquire knowledge about the human body.

Nutrition Lab
Nutrition has fully equipped and furnished kitchen with all modern crockery items, utensils and electronic equipments. Under the guidance of qualified teachers, the students are taught to prepare therapeutic diets for normal individuals, pregnant women and also for those affected with various disorders. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for cooling, storage, preservation of food and demonstration of preparing diet based on the nutritional needs of the people.

Fundamental Lab
This lab is spacious, well-ventilated with sitting arrangement of 100 students. The modern articles, instruments, linen, lockers, cupboards, male & female maniquins, dummy are available articles for the students to get better practical experience. The lab helps to develop nursing skills through “hands on training” under continuous supervision and guidance by expert teaching faculties. This lab helps teachers to demonstrate various basic procedure like bed making, sponging, mouth care, which are related to personal hygiene for human well-being as well as advanced techniques like Cardio Pulmonary  Resuscitation (CPR) Nebulization, Cardiac signs monitoring for life saving practice.

The maternal and child health nursing lab is established with models of all parts of a female reproductive system and a new born baby. This state of laboratory facility provides the students to practice and demonstrate antenatal, delivery and episiotomy suturing. Instruments for different obstetric and gynaecologic procedures make it an apt place to learn maternity and child health nursing.

Community Health Lab
Community health nursing lab is equipped with all innovative and qualitative materials, models charts, flash cards which are required for field work. In this lab students practice skills and techniques for public health activities and family health care. It has facilities for organizing community health projects, camps, exhibitions and campaigns.

Audio Visual Aids
One of the best methods of teaching and learning is with the help of audio visual aids. The colleges has the latest audio visual aids such as LCD projector, computers, DVD player, CD player , T.V, Public address system, camera, Printed materials and pamphlets and leaf lets, Over head projectors, Slide Projectors, tape recorders audio video tapes, CDs, models, charts, mannequins and real objects.

The College Library presently has about 3500 Books, 10 Journals and Magazines Newspapers and Journals are subscribed for the benefit of students and teachers. The Library has a separate collection of general reference, fictions, Portfolios, newsletters, Theses, Journal reference, e-library facilities etc…

Salient Features

  • The library is kept open from 8a.m. to 7p.m. on all working days.
  • Library is completely computerized and automation of all its operations.
  • “Books are for use and not for preservation”. With this dictum our Library functions. Hence the Open Access System is followed.
  • A convenient spacious reading area with 100 seating capacity.
  • Separate sections for text books, reference books, Journals, Periodicals, Back Volumes, Project Reports and E -library with 2 computers.
  • E- library to access thousands of journals and reference from the various sources such as Indian Journal of medicines,

Lecture Hall
We have good lecture halls. All the classrooms are equipped with green & white boards, notice board, Dias and podium for the lecturer, adequate fans for aeration and lights for good infrastructure by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi for the purpose of instructions, their clarification or the explanation of facts, principles and relationships.

Hostel is under the care of a warden, Principal and assisted by resident young faculty. They are available for consultation and advice whenever needed.

Teaching Faculty
Muzaffarnagar Nursing Institute has the excellent teaching faculty with high qualified and experienced nurses and doctors from various departments. The quality of our faculty’s substantive teaching methodology includes a balance treatment of theory and application which enhance nurse’s ability to meet the challenges confronting the profession and addresses strategies for promoting the health of the people.

Computer Lab
The college has state of the art computer labs for learning and research. Students are groomed to use a large assortment of software for their studies or assignments, regardless of the field of work. In a congenial atmosphere. The computer laboratory, which is reserved for use by students, is equipped with 20 computers. All computers in the laboratory are connected to the internet.

The College has a canteen where the students can take a break from the rigorous schedule of daily classes. The canteen provides excellent food at subsidized rates, giving you value for money.

We have an excellent time bound transport system, which means that you reach destination like hostel and hospital tirelessly and in time to be punctual for classes.

Bank Loan Facilities
Most major banks provide educational loans for students staying at MNI. ON payment of the 1st year fees to the college, the student will on request be issued a Bonafide Certificate with estimated expenditure, which you may present to your bank, for availing the loan facility from your bank. Education loan is available to candidates, subject to the terms and conditions; Banks decision though is final.










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