Chairman’s  Message

Dear Aspirants

It is natural for you to expect education to add value to your careers and lives, and i am pleased to see Muzaffarnagar Nursing Institute doing that year after year. At Muzaffarnagar Nursing Institute there are several values that we preach, stand for and wish our students to inculcate. Excellence in education leads to increase in value in ones and life. At Muzaffarnagar Nursing Institute we strive to provide the same levels of education.

Value that we wish to inculcate in our students pertain to the quality of education as well as to the quality of life. Focus on research & innovations and academic values are essential for developing a nation. Also important are life values such as compassion, social awareness, positivity, liberal democratic attitude, quality consciousness, strength of moral character and faith in fairness, quality & justice. Empowerment of women and of other underprivileged social sectors are also an equally important value that the Institution imparts to the students.

Education at Muzaffarnagar Nursing Institute is meant to impress upon your young minds and the relevance of these values as the foundation for your future.


Best Wishes…..